Ilanda Wilds ( 'White Bird' Wilds )

"Amalanda Alandelanelani na?" ( "Why Ilanda flying together?" )

( The Ilanda is a White Bird that migrates to the North in the Winter, it is said by Zulu Legend that if you see these Birds flying over you and you sing the song " Amalanda Alandelanelani na?" good fortune would come to you! ) 

Training Areas : Pipeline Bush - Ilanda Wilds - Seadoone Wilds - Illovo Wilds - Umbumbulu Waterfall

History - Ilanda Wilds

In November, 1968 the Wild Life Society of Southern Africa – Natal Branch produced a Fieldwork Report (No.16) which provided a general account of the Ilanda Wilds area with information on its situation, size, geology, woody plant, grasses, birds and mammals. This report was used to motivate the Amanzimtoti town Council into agreeing to zone this part of their town lands for nature conservation and outdoor education purposes. This Field Report was also used by Mr T.C. Robertson, (a Technical Advisor of the National Veld Trust) on the iLanda Wilds area.

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The establishment of ILanda Wilds as Nature Reserve in February 1969 was also an important factor in the growth of the Amanzimtoti Centre of the Wildlife Society as this became one of its main projects.


During September and October 1969, the Council undertook a review of the Town Planning Scheme and rezoned from Open Bush to Coastal Bush purposes, not only ILanda Wilds area, but a major portion of the valley bottom around Amanzimtoti River, together with wings of land stretching over certain private property on either side, thus ensuring the character of the area for the future in these areas would be predominantly of natural vegetation as opposed to a active recreational area.


Since that time Ilanda Wilds was taken over by the Wildlife Society for development and maintenance purposes and obviously the activities of the Borough staff ceased during that time. Over the years a considerable amount of their time and effort has been devoted to this project and the town Council has assisted by providing funds for fencing, clearing exotic weeds and other purposes. However During discussions between a Sub-Committee appointed by the Council and Wildlife Society in November 1976, it was obvious that difficulties were occurring in so far as maintenance and development of ILanda Wilds subsequently the Wildlife Society requested Council to consider taking back the development and maintenance of ILanda Wilds area. On 15 February 1977, after considerable investigation the Council resolved to take over the control of ILanda Wilds with effect from 1st August 1977. 


The sad story is that a few years later a beautiful thatched-roof gate, toilets and ablution facilities that had been built had to be demolished due to numerous break-ins, vandalism and theft from the property. ILanda Wilds became deserted and the criminal activities became common. Finally ILanda was rendered unsafe and closed for public use.